You might be asking just what is a Sip And See Baby Shower? This is becoming very popular

today as it is replacing the traditional baby shower. Family and friends come see the new

baby but it is done on the mother’s terms.

 While the traditional baby shower usually consisted of a long list of guests. A big menu of

food was planned, with games, and the opening of dozens of presents. This was not only

stressful on the new mom but also physically exhausting. This was also normally an event for

moms, but dads and their male friends did not participate.


 The Sip and See party concept is changing all of that. After the baby is born, the mom and dad

plan a time and day for all to come see the new baby. Due to the simplicity of the event it can

be planned and executed on a short notice. Most parties are held when the baby is a month

old or older. Routines have been set and there has been a normal routine set within the

family before bringing visitors in to meet the new baby.

 For a baby shower is usually hosted and controlled by someone else, this is fully controlled

by the mom. The refreshments are normally a simple kind of drink though some serve their

favorite wine or champagne to their guests. Snacks are kept relatively simple as the best time

to host is in the early afternoon before a meal.

The normal decorations of pink and blue and not normally considered. The baby is already

here so some of their photo’s can be included in the decorations. While a baby shower is

usually for the first baby a see and sip can be fine for every child born as the main idea is for

them to come and see the baby.

 While the idea is simple, the decorating and event can be as elaborate as you might want.

The idea is for them to stop by, have a drink and a snack, see the baby and then they are free to go.  Since there is no set format, there is no pressure or standard to follow. This is an event you can have your way and on your terms. Instead of a long drawn out event, it is much more like an open house.  People can come and go in the allotted time set.

If this is your first baby you might receive some gifts if you didn’t have a baby shower so you

might want to set up a place for gifts. Sometimes gifts are wrapped in cellophane as to go

with the Sip and See theme! This allows everyone to be able to see the gifts before they are

actually opened. Gifts are normally opened after the guests leave since this is to be a short

meeting between your baby and your guests. As for inviting people, it is totally up to you.

Many of your family will have already seen the baby so you might only invite friends. You

could invite also only family as this would be a good chance for all of them to have the chance

to interact with your baby.

 Set out a guest book or note cards for each guest to fill out and you can save. Photo’s of the

baby that have already been taken. Have a camera on hand to snap pictures or you might

have a professional photographer to record the event by pictures or videos. You could have

the baby’s name printed on cups, water bottles and many of types of items for gifts and

souvenirs for your guests to take home. Cakes or cupcakes could be decorated with

the baby’s name.  Be creative and have fun. Instead of the stress associated with a huge baby

shower consider having a sip and see party and see how much it can be yet also relaxing to


Parties aren’t just for celebrating; they can also serve as a great fundraising tool. There are so many good causes out there that just don’t get enough attention that, if you can, plan a fundraiser party to draw attention to one that has personal meaning to you.

For example, my husband recently beat an extremely rare type of skin cancer called Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans and now that he is cancer free we are going to be planning a fundraising party to raise awareness and funds for the research into and treatment of this cancer.

So for me, planning a successful fundraiser party is something I am teaching myself how to do. Since I’m such a giver, I want to share what I have learned about planning this type of party.

The first thing I learned about the process of planning a fundraiser party is this: whatever events or activities are incorporated into it needs to appeal to the mainstream. Since the obvious goal of a fundraiser party is to raise funds, you’re more likely to do that if you make the party appealing to everyone.

A fundraiser party doesn’t even have to be a party in the traditional sense of the word. It could simply mean you and your friends could get together to run or walk in some type of fundraising race. It could even mean starting a group or staging an event in your neighborhood and nearby communities to raise funds for your cause.

Whether you are throwing an actual party or not, obtaining sponsorship from an appropriate source can also lead to success. A sponsor can likely help you advertise your fundraising party/event in the hopes of seeing a better turn out as a result. When my husband and I throw our fundraiser event we are trying to get The Skin Care Foundation to sponsor it, so that those who hear about the event know that we are legitimate, and we’re not just trying to scam people out of their hard-earned money.

Another way to increase the odds of a successful fundraising party is to have people present at the party that are already somehow involved in the cause. The more high-profile the person is the better, to spread awareness of the party. No one wants to put the time and effort into organizing a fundraising party only to have a low turnout.

Chances are good that the more a cause has affected you personally, the more you care about your fundraiser party succeeding. Which brings me to my next point – avoid inviting anyone to the party that could care less about the cause. Their lack of care will show and could even alienate those you invite that do care about the cause. It’s best to be cautious when planning a party like this one.

I will try these ideas for our future fundraising parties and I hope that others do too. Preparing is the key to a successful fundraiser party. 

Some people are just too good at hosting parties hence, we can say that it is an art. So, the ground rule is to device various innovative ways to make the party interesting so that the guests can have fun and enjoy to the fullest. Well, only some people are born with the art of keeping the guests engrossed and also entertaining them, while the others might have to learn it. Hosting a great party is something one can learn with time and experience. Here we will talk about some basic things which should be kept in mind while preparing for the party. To be a good host, the person has to make sure to pay attention to all the things related to the party, be it big or small. A person who gives importance to everything while making the preparations is admired by the guests once they are at the party venue and enjoying.


Everything that the host does for his or her guests actually transforms a mere gathering of people to a fun filled experience. Making each of the guests feel special is a way to thank them for taking out time to come for the party, giving the host an opportunity to serve them. No one out of the guests in the party should feel lonely or left out. So, the host has to take care of everyone at the Party. The host should make sure that there are enough items to eat, ample space to sit and also create a nice ambience, so that people have a nice time at the party. So, it is important to make all the preparations well in time, so that the party is not an obligation for the guests. Hiring a helper to take care of serving the guests is a Nice idea.


The host has to welcome people warmly so that they feel obliged to be at the party. A party has to be a fun filled social gathering, so it Is important to keep the guests engaged. Arranging for some exciting activities or games at the party are a nice idea. No matter how old we get, most of us are always in to play games like kids and just have Fun. 

If the guests do not know each other, the host has to introduce them so that they interact and make new friends. Parties are all about knowing new people, having fun, enjoying the delicious food and spending quality time with friends and family. The host has be there for the guests all the time, make sure they are comfortable and the Party is enjoyable for everyone.

So you have fulfilled your American dream! Congratulations! This will be a best time for a celebration and you should let all your friends and relatives know about this big achievement. Since this will be your first housewarming party, before hosting it you should keep some things in mind so that the guest enjoy the party. This party can be more fun and budget friendly if planned with a realistic approach.

Preparing the Guest List

While making the guest list make sure to include the names of the friends, relatives or coworkers whom you wish to invite. Keep this in mind that more the people will be, it will lead to many expenses, if your budget is less than try to limit the guest list.

Choosing the Right Date

It is always good to host the party after 3 weeks you move in to you house, this will give you enough time to unpack and decorate your house with ease and most important of all make you feel settled and ready to host the party.

Sending Invitations

You can take help of social media to send over the invitations as this will help you to save on paper related expenses. Make sure to give good directions to your new house as everyone will be visiting for the first time. Besides direction include the party date, start and end time. You can send formal paper invitation for people who are not active online. Requesting a RSVP will help you plan the proper amount of food and drinks needed.

Delicious Easy to Cook Snack

You can prepare finger food to keep you guest happy as they roam around the new house to have a look at everything. Wine and cheese are good options anytime and to show off your backyard you can fire up the grill, BBQ will be the best option to entertain your guest. Also make sure to keep the food and drink area separate to avoid crowd.


If you are hosting in a warm season than you can plan the party outside the house, then you don’t need to worry about you’re newly settled house getting disturbed. If it is a rainy or winter season, make sure there is enough space in your closet to keep the guest coats.

Unpacking Your Stuff

Make sure to unpack as much as possible and unpack the kitchen and living room fully as the guest will be spending most of the time during the party in these rooms.

Keeping it casual

Since it is a casual event you can send invitation 2-3 days before the party date. You can use cute paper plates and cocktail napkins since you will be too overwhelmed with the shifting you don’t need to worry about using the finest dishes.

Being a Good Host

Be presentable at the party and make sure to mingle with everyone. Accept the compliments and gifts for your new home graciously and let the guest know how and when you are going to use their gifts!

Pizza party is a party characterized by pizza; fun, off beat decorations, and video games. Pizza, The humble Italian dish is actually a popular cuisine

You can break the monotony of dinner parties by hosting your own pizza party at home, as an alternative. Pizza suits every occasion; whether it is for: a birthday, a Super Bowl, an entertaining night or a dinner party with friends.

Here are some ideas on how you can mark a Pizza Party:


Have your own pizza party by inviting your friends to your house to make their own pizzas or at least select their own toppings, it is quite Inexpensive and fun!

 What you will need:

 Here is what you’ll need to host a party featuring pizza, everyone’s favorite food;

Obtain Pre-made pizza dough from your local pizza parlor or grocery store, form them into separate, sizeable dough balls about the size of a baseball

Get the dough beforehand and freeze them in separate round portions. Defrost about an hour or thereabout before the party begins.

Table settings

Decorate the table with unique themed plates (you can opt for paper plates for easy clean-up). Themed accessories include: triangle plates, Italian color napkins, red cups, silver wares, etc. Don’t forget a red and white plaid table cloth.


Add costumes to make your party grand. The bushy Italian mustache is an ideal costume and party favor. But if you are on a budget, make an improvise costume using printable cutouts.

Toppings bar

The best thing about pizza is its adaptability, so set up a toppings bar where invitees can decorate their own mini pie or slice of a larger cheese pizza. Fill dishes with veggies, diverse cheeses, different meat varieties, sauces, seasonings, garlic, peppers, etc. In Europe, it’s widespread to eat corn on your pizza. Then let your guests’ curiosities and interests determine their choice.